Friday, February 19, 2010

February 2010

Photographic evidence that we got together in February! If anything is incorrectly attributed apologies forthwith, and no-one will own up to any responsibilty for them! :-D

Julie Donovan made three fabulous star pattern table runners, all machine quilted with different quilting patterns. Julie also gave a quick lesson in attaching the two ends of the binding together so that they looked seamless... and gave us a small piece of her life philosophy....

"There's no illness so bad that it can't be helped by having something to eat!"

Pam Gilfoyle is the photographer in black and white, and Julie is sitting next to her. Take note of a few of the nice bags, and they weren't even held up for show and tell!

Julie holding up another two of the runners.

Pam made this beautiful teddy bear quilt. The photo doesn't do it justice, it is really lovely.

Scrap rail fence & appliqué quilt...but Shaaryn's notes got wet and no idea whose lovely quilt this is! Can the maker please own up to their superb workmanship!

Another shot of the rail fence quilt...and Shaaryn lost in admiration in front of it.

Sharon Wynne made this lovely small Starburst quilt. Love the quilting on it. Sharon, did you dye the fabric as well?

And after this, Shaaryn's notes got wet and she has just big blurs about who made which quilt, bag, or item. Any help with correct attribution would really be appreciated!

A sewing envelope made by Pam. This is a really nice wallet, perfect for holding all your sewing things, with clear zippered pockets that let you see what you have.

Helen Smart's Advent calendar, isn't it gorgeous! and just in time for Christmas...2010! Helen decided that she would get an early jump on Christmas this year.

Lynell with some lovely embroideries, by both hand and machine.

Further progress on Aldona's appliqué quilt started in a Sharon Schamber class last year...quilted and bound by next month?? ;-D

Aldona is also making three quilts for some triplets born to a friend of hers,...the blue one is for Jacob, .......the pink one for Hannah, ......and the yellow one is for Sarah.

Lynn Todd created this scarecrow, colouring it in with pencils, based on a Helen Stubbings design. Beautiful soft colours.

Just two of several lovely bags! Sharron's?? Please email Shaaryn...

Judy Moore has been making this small hexagon quilt. More soft and gentle colours. It's lovely.

And for madness Robyn Oleinik took the cake – she was covering the smallest hexagon papers ever seen, and fussy cutting the fabric as well. The hexagons were about the size of a thumbnail !!!

Attendance: Aldona Sawade, Shaaryn Griffiths, Helen Smart, Robyn Oleinik, Sharron Farrell, Julie Donovan, Pam Gilfoyle, Lynn Middleton, Sharon Wynne, Lynell Jendra, Pam, Lynn Todd, and Judy Moore...did we miss anyone?

A big thank you to Karen and the Quilters Store for having us. And a huge thank you to everyone for coming, and for remembering your donations to the charity quilt group, whose room we used. We handed over a tin with more than $50 in it to Karen for the charity quilt group. A short while ago Karen told Shaaryn that she took over 100 charity quilts to a local hospital to be distributed, so our our using the room is helping a great cause, in addition to our own enjoyment.

See you all next month, 13 February, from 10am onwards.