Tuesday, November 12, 2013

9th Nov–our last get together for 2013

Lots of lovely show and tell on Saturday was shared along with stories of recent retreats, classes and travel

 09 Nov 2013 (2) Ann had made this beautiful bag and brought it along for show & tell and there was more…..

 09 Nov 2013 (3) Ann had also been very creative in a recent fabric art class, making this lovely notebook cover…..

09 Nov 2013 (5) Last but not least, Ann shared with us a stunning Black White & Red quilt top made for her daughter as a lounge throw. Lucky girl!

09 Nov 2013 (14)Julie completed the binding on this lovely Grandmothers Flower Garden (jelly roll) quilt which was quilted at a retreat the previous weekend.

Dianne worked on an embroidery piece of a lovely old house that looked a lot like one I grew up in 09 Nov 2013 (5) (minus a few brown snakes)

Helen worked on making more hexagons to add to her collection 09 Nov 2013 (6)

Margaret showed us some recently completed bags, same design as Ann’s bag but a smaller version using a smaller block size09 Nov 2013 (11)09 Nov 2013 (12)       09 Nov 2013 (9)This cute hexi prairie point pincushion by Margaret also


Kayt was teaching herself to crochet – Starting on something easy hahaIMG_0213

Shaaryn worked on her beautiful applique block whilst this Sharon nursed a sprained wrist and looked on 09 Nov 2013 (4)

Being our last GTG for 2013 we each bought along a plate of food to share and a feast was enjoyed by all. No photo’s of the food – let’s just say it was a feeding frenzy!!!

Amongst the food, fun & chatter 8 of us brought along our ugliest fat quarter to be swapped09 Nov 2013 (2) with hilarious results. Some of us quite liked the ‘ugly’ we drew out in the swap, others were surprised that what one person considered ugly another person thought was lovely, maybe even having some in their own stash.

We return on February 8th 2014 with a completed project using our ugly fat 1/4. Come along and join the fun, vote for the best project and see the winner awarded her prize.  Speaking of prize, I best get onto that!

So until next year, on behalf of the South East Queensland SCQuilters Get Together stitchers, we wish you a safe & happy Christmas & we hope you’ll put aside one Saturday a month to come along join the fun in 2014

Merry Christmas everyone


Saturday, October 12, 2013

12 October 2013


This was our second last get together for 2013.  Christmas is fast approaching. A bigger group of us stitched & chatted this month with a couple of our happy travellers also returning with tales of their trips.

12 Oct 2013 (5)Helen was working on teaching herself to crochet and doing a great job of it to as you can see by these pretty squares

12 Oct 2013 (10)This lovely triangular paper piecing WIP is also Helens – but it doesn’t stop there…..

She also brought along this gorgeous show & tell! 12 Oct 2013 (13)Backed with minky fabric, so lovely and cuddly, this quilt was a recent finish. 

12 Oct 2013 (12)Dianne brought along a baby quilt that is soon to be gifted and was working on her paper piecing12 Oct 2013 (8)

12 Oct 2013 (9)Jean (Welcome!) was happy with the hand quilting she got done today on her lovely row by row quilt which we are so glad she bought along

12 Oct 2013 (1)Ann happily stitched and chatted, telling us about her Canberra trip and plans for more travel next year – gorgeous work there Ann!

12 Oct 2013 (2)12 Oct 2013 (7)Margaret was churning out these sweet little Suffolk puffs and turning them into Christmas Decorations and has been busy since returning from walking with Lions (yes – REAL LIVE ones!!) in Mauritius, bringing along these little fellows (scottish dogs Marg?)for show & tell12 Oct 2013 (6) I admire how Margaret has her travel thought out in advance and enjoyed hearing about the adventures she has planned for next year already!

Julie was sewing her hexagons together which she did very cleverly without having a photo taken (oops sorry!)

12 Oct 2013 (4)12 Oct 2013 (3)BUT I did snap these lovely zippered wallets Julie made after finding the pattern on a road trip last weekend – aren’t they gorgeous! Love the fabrics.

12 Oct 2013 (11)This is my show & tell, a finish from a pattern from my (rather large) pattern collection. Being weary from a big working week, I didn’t pick up a needle at all today, opting instead to listen to the girls chatting whilst browsing the magazines Margaret brought along to share. 

NOVEMBER will be our last get together until FEBRUARY 2014 so, with that in mind, I suggested that we have an ugly fat quarter swap challenge and the group agreed.  Like to join in?

The idea is simple (just a bit of fun) - Bring along your ugly fat 1/4, swap it with that of another participant and make something using the piece – I’ll be donating A PRIZE for the best use of ugly fabric as judged by the group! How does that sound? If you have any questions feel free to email me at luv2sewthings@hotmail.com  No guarantee that I’ll know the answer LOL!

See you all on November 9th. If you’re coming along to join in the fun, bring along a plate of food to share and enjoy our Christmas break-up Lunch with us.

Until next month, happy stitching


Saturday, September 14, 2013

14 Sept 2013

With a couple of our regulars overseas on holidays in different parts of the globe and others with events like Weddings and Birthday’s to attend, it was a small but still  productive day on the most perfect of Spring days.

Amongst the chatter we worked away on our WIPS and UFO’s even if we didn’t have much to share in the Show ‘n’ Tell Department.

14 Sept 2013Dianne made some more progress with her paper piecing project. Nice to meet you today Smile

14 Sept 2013 (3)Julie’s powering away joining her cute scrappy hexie’s

14 Sept 2013 (4)Into a soft creamy yellow outlined/boarder/framed pattern – that my darn camera hasn’t picked up the boarder colours of properly sorry – will try another camera setting next month…..agggh!

14 Sept 2013 (2)  I added to my crochet blanket. I brought along the mary-jane style booties I’ve been teaching myself to make. They are just small achievable projects & may just go into the cupboard ready for gift giving.

Also pictured are two recent finishes since last months’ Get Together – a craft roll complete with hand made flowers and handy zippered pouch that hangs from my bicycle &  holds my mobile phone whilst out on my daily rides.

14 Sept 2013 (1)This in the very neatly organised cupboard in the room we meet in where another group meets to make charity quilts. I couldn’t resist a photo.  Impressive don’t you think?

We look forward to the return of all the regular ladies and hearing about their adventures and events for our next Get Together on October 12th at the Quilters Store (upstairs) in Salisbury.

Bring along your show and tell girls Smile SmileSmile& come and join us if you live in SE QLD

Bye for now


Saturday, August 10, 2013

10th August 2013

We kept our fingers busy on this perfect winters day, sharing some recently finished works & tales of our holidays for those of us having recently been away. 

10 Aug 2013 (4)10 Aug 2013 (5)Today our group had the pleasure of the company of three Margaret's! This beautiful stationary box was made by Margaret F. Inside were a variety of gift and birthday size cards. This one was hard to give back after photographing!

10 Aug 2013 (6)Margaret was also working on a duplication of this lovely ruffle/gathered flower which is actually purple – sorry Marg, my camera has decided to make it blue.

10 Aug 2013 (16) 10 Aug 2013 (18)Margaret F was recently in Hawaii where these beautiful fabrics and kits were purchased. She also brought along delicious peanut butter filled chocolate from her trip to share with us. No calories (when shared with friends haha) and delicious!

10 Aug 2013 (9)10 Aug 2013 (8)It was lovely to see Margaret L today and we were all excited & inspired to see her hand project bag. We love the zippered plastic pockets in this very versatile fold up bag and the stripped binding set it off beautifully.10 Aug 2013 (13) This pretty block is one of 16 that Margaret L is appliqueing.

10 Aug 2013 (3)Maureen had us amazed with her stunning hexagon quilt in the making. In “only” 3 months, Maureen has hand sewn hundreds, possibly thousands (I should have counted) of tiny wee hexies to make this beautiful quilt. Can’t wait to see the finished product, hopefully before it is gifted.

10 Aug 2013 (12)Maureen’s daughter Margaret was busy continuing with this beautiful embroidery –such exquisite hand work.

10 Aug 2013 (14)10 Aug 2013 (15)Julie brought along these two lovely quilts for show & tell. Lovely combination of colours, perfect to cover the knees on these cool winter nights.

10 Aug 2013 (11)This cool looking cat was Julie’s hand work project today. Julie kindly shared with us her back basting applique technique. Thanks for the tip to google “back basting” Julie for when we need help!

10 Aug 2013 (1)Ann proudly showed us her Beatrix Potter baby quilts, nearly finished and ready to gift to a friend with twins. So cute!

10 Aug 2013 (19)Last piccie is my handwork project. I’m teaching myself to crochet (thank you You-tube and google for the online tutorials haha) and this is the outcome so far.

Thanks for visiting. That’s all from us for now,

Happy Stitching,


Friday, July 26, 2013

July 2013 SCQuilters Brisbane GTG

With so many of our regulars on overseas holidays it was a small gathering for July.  We still managed to chat up a storm and the show and tell was inspiring as always.

Our newest recruit Kelly, has cemented her place in the group by bringing a lovely morning tea to share.  Her home made shortbread and the most delicious Brownie I had ever experienced we a very welcome addition to our day.

Shortbread and Chocolate Brownie made by Kelly

Here she is working on her Hexagon project.

Kelly working on her hexagons We encouraged her to show it off. Hidden in her basket is her hexagon project

Kelly did a little stitching on her applique project and showed her completed hot water bottle cover too.

Kelly worked a little on her applique project too. Completed hot water bottle cover by Kelly

Kayt had her usual funny stories to tell, she always has us laughing, a really lovely trait.

Kayt with her mug bag designed by Bronwyn Hayes Kayt and her oh so soft hot water bottle cover project, oh and shes got a new ring! 

A mug bag designed by Bronwyn Hayes (please note the ring on her left hand) the work in progress is this incredibly soft hot water bottle cover project, please note once again the ring on her left hand…..!! One of her funny stories concerned the purchase of this ring, and she was very proud of her bargain purchase and wanted it to make the photos too!

Mother and daughter team Maureen and Margaret  Maureen's Hexagons

Our mother/daughter duo Maureen and Margaret, come to us all the way from one of the Moreton Bay Islands and they often brave rain and public transport from the ferry, makes them sound like very intrepid travellers doesn’t it? Not very vocal, always productive and full of great ideas and suggestions when ever one of us is stuck for a finish on any of our projects however!

Margaret likes to hide from the camera but her work is so delightful Wool Felt pincushion - Margaret's lovely work. 

Margaret isn’t always comfortable having her photo taken, (she may be in Witness Protection perhaps?) Her embroidery is exquisite. Her delightful wool embroidered pincushion was ready for stuffing.

Margaret shows off her raffle win, a charm square bag. Ha ha I caught her - Margaret

The bag Margret is showing off was a raffle win, in support of Breast Cancer research. It is a large bag made using charm squares.

More hegagon projects, Gail show her winter project. Gail may be another in Witness Protection, here she is hiding behind her winter hand stitching project a rather large hexagon quilt top.

I'm knitting a cardigan for my grandson Quinn  A lunch bag from a freebie tutorial on the net.

I was working on a cardigan for my grandson and brought along my lunch in a new lunch bag made from a freebie pattern on the net.

Smocking sampler finally finished  A new satchel bag, I wore out the last one  

The smocking sampler that Maureen was able to give some great suggestions on finishing was one of my show and tell items along with the satchel above I made at a recent quilt retreat.

Pin cushion from another freebie net tutorial.  Baby quilt from a freebie net tutorial

Both of the above projects the pincushion and baby quilt were also from freebie tutorials found on the internet.

While we may have been a smallish group we still generated enough conversation to keep us occupied and the show and tell will certainly give us motivation for the upcoming month.

Looking forward to the return of our world travellers and to another enjoyable day in August.

Thanks for visiting,

Julie Donovan