Saturday, April 11, 2015

11 April 2015 get together

A lovely day with mild Autumn weather to venture out for our monthly get together.

The selection of morning teas was again wonderful & the coffee was a welcome sight for those of us who wait patiently until 11am for the machine to stir to life!

Lunch was delicious though having not indulged in the coffee & cake, I was busily eating my crispy chicken strips with mango chutney & sweet chilli sauce and didn’t take photos. Sorry girls.  I shall endeavour to catch you all stuffing your faces next time lol

Now for the creativity…..

11 April 2015 (1)  11 April 2015 (16)Gail had two gorgeous Moda Bake Shop quilt tops for show and tell


11 April 2015 (2) Violet made this colourful quilt for her future grand baby – great thinking ahead Violet :)

11 April 2015 (3) Margaret finished the cushion she began in a class at the craft show

11 April 2015 (4) I brought along my completed hexi turtles and Easter egg gift purse

11 April 2015 (5) We were all listening to Marg at this point I think? She’s a good story teller!

Kayt had a mug rug to show and tell, both sides were pieced differently and it turned out really well.  Her other finish was a counting book for her new grandchild which we all agreed is a great idea and it turned out so well.

11 April 2015 (6) 11 April 2015 (7)

Helen has been busily hand piecing these gorgeous pretties

 11 April 2015 (9) 11 April 2015 (10)

Marg had some mug bags underway, some finished to. She’s the mug bag queen, there’s no disputing that!

11 April 2015 (11) 11 April 2015 (12)


11 April 2015 (13) Violet was hand piecing to today, lovely colour combination :0)  

Krys joined us and gave her needle an outing as Julie teased, sitting beside Violet & the two of them keeping the waitress on her toes !

11 April 2015 (14) Kayt was hand quilting….11 April 2015 (18)having brought along this beautiful quilt she had finished. The camera didn’t do the colours justice, it was stunning!

11 April 2015 (15)    Julie has all but finished this crochet knee rug and had a boxy pouch with her sewing bits and pieces in. 11 April 2015 (20)

All in all, another lovely day with food, friends and laughs.  We missed Ann & Debbie who are in different parts of the world at the moment having a wonderful time by all accounts.  See you all hopefully in May :)

Happy Stitching,