Friday, July 15, 2011

July 2011 Get together

Lively chat and laughter at this months meeting discussing a recent post to the main list regarding 'Pintastics' with Jan Rhoades producing her lovely beaded and embroidered version of a "Pintastic" which she proudly announced (tongue in cheek) could take 2 different pin sizes and demonstrated its adaptiveness! Next was Shaaryn's multi-storage 'pintastic' which holds all size pins, and scissors, even a tape measure! Not to be outdone, the group erruped with laughter when Robyn showed us her 'needle-tastic'. We enjoyed some creative show and tell as each of us worked on our hand stitching and ate the delicious Date Scones Shaaryn shared with us. Our August meeting will include a tutorial by Karen from The Quilters Store on colouring her quilt labels. Hope to see you then.

Jan Rhodes Pintastic

Jans Hugs and Kisses Stitchery

Margaret Fulton's sweet needle holder bags

Margaret F's table runners

Margaret Leigh's block from Vignette

Margaret L's beautiful ruler holder box by Kath Walker

Margaret L's thread bins in the making

Robyn's needletastic

Shaaryn's Date Scones - Delish!

Shaaryn's pintastic fantastic

Shaaryn's Xmas stitcheries

Sharon W's spinning charms quilt