Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 9th 2014

Spring has sprung here in South East Queensland and shows in some of the pretty offerings in our show and share this month.

Before I post pictures, many thanks must go to Helen, without whom I would not have been able to continue blogging our get togethers due to the fact that the blog log in details disappeared along with my last pc’s memory – I know, no excuse for where my memory went but THANK GOODNESS Helen’s hasn’t failed her, so THANK YOU HELEN!

Gail had this HUGE cone of DMC 115 and gave us all the opportunity to take as much as we wanted so we did just that – thanks Gail !13Sept2014 (3)

13Sept2014 (1) This is Julies pretty table runner, very fitting for Spring in those gorgeous colours to

13Sept2014 (8) Helen worked on putting her big hexagons together – it’s going to be a fabulous quilt

13Sept2014 (2)  and showed us her bag that was a recent finish to.

13Sept2014 (6) Margaret is getting ready for a market stall and has been sewing up these cute bags

13Sept2014 (4) This is Helen & Gail holding up Helen’s quilt from her hand dyed stash – that Spring theme pops up again see lol

13Sept2014 (5) I recently discovered the Missouri Quilt Co tutorials and was inspired to make these disappearing hourglass blocks. Two more brown tone blocks are needed to complete this lap quilt before I think about boarders etc.

13Sept2014 (9) Helen & Gail again with Gail’s jelly roll quilt this time

13Sept2014 (10) 13Sept2014 (11)

….and this time with a raffle quilt Gail has made. The back (on right) is pretty like the front and we were all inspired to buy tickets, which we did.

So that friends is our show and share for September.

There will NOT be an OCTOBER GET TOGETHER. The Craft & Quilt Show will be on at the Brisbane Convention Centre on the weekend we are scheduled to meet up so we are bound to bump into some familiar faces there instead LOL!


We return in November which will be our LAST get together for 2014 and this will be on the THIRD Saturday -  NOVEMBER 15th. Bring a plate of food to share and a secret santa swap gift to the value of $10 if you wish to participate. Hand made or thoughtfully purchased, it’s ok. 

Any questions?  Email me at

Until then, happy stitching


August 9 2014

A few of the ‘regulars’ had returned from holidays in various parts of the world with tales of our travels to share at this get together and it was lovely to catch up with good friends once again – I for one had missed you ladies :)

This blog post is a little late, with my old laptop dying of a terrible virus that the guru’s couldn’t even fix. So here I am in Windows 8.1 working at speeds that scare me LOL!

On to our August get together……drum roll please…..

9Aug2014 (1) Margaret can’t make these bags quick enough before someone wants to buy them. This is her latest collection, all already promised to new homes. Aren’t they gorgeous!

9Aug2014 (5) There’s always some of the latest magazines on offer to flick through for those of us needing inspiration

9Aug2014 (2) 9Aug2014 (4)

Kayt completed a couple of ‘healing heart’ blocks ready for posting and was making progress on hand quilting this lovely quilt for a friend

9Aug2014 (3) Julie was knitting a scarf – this wool was so soft and lovely

9Aug2014 Ann brought in this lovely quilt, a project from a quilting cruise mentioned in an earlier blog. Lovely work as usual from our Ann.

Me? What was I working on?  Ok, I was the under achiever, not a single stitch sewn, knitted or even unpicked today! I was very happy to read those mags on the table and be inspired & entertained by the other lovely ladies :)

Until Next Time – Happy Stitching


12th July 2014

What happened in July at the Qld Scquilters get together at The Quilters Store at Salisbury  you ask???…….It was Secret Womens Business and if you weren’t there you missed out on all the chatter and lovely show and tell from our bunch of creative group of ladies! haha

When will we see you?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 14th 2014

Lots of lovely hand stitching and quilting amongst the chatter today. It was lovely to see Robyn again who shared with us her trip to the Scquilters Tassie Retreat and pit stop to Victoria on the way home.  Robyn's wee tiny half inch hexi’s were just gorgeous. What will they become?


Julie had made lots of suffolk puffs and a gorgeous zippered multi pocket pouch to keep them in


IMG_2754IMG_2758and Julie’s pile of hexis was coming along very nicely to.

Violet was working on a larger set of hexis and for no reason other than being forgetful, I didn’t get a photo of them – I’m so sorry Violet.  I hope you found where to buy the Mango Powder we talked about for that delicious sounding Indian recipe!

IMG_2752Margaret brought along a healing heart quilt and matching cushion to be given to our mutual friend and recipient Cath.  Looks fabulous Margaret.

IMG_2764Margaret was also on a suffolk puff making mission, with the end result being embellished bags. Maybe some photo’s of those next blog.

IMG_2768 I’ve been playing with variegated cotton. All I can crochet is granny squares or booties LOL.

IMG_2763I also worked on some ideas for this appliqued long time UFO/WIP. Look familiar Ramona? Did you do anything with yours I’ve wondered…..

IMG_2766Kayt was hand quilting and it was a lovely cool day outside for the task with winter finally beginning to arrive in SE Qld. It’s coming along so nicely Kayt.

Our next get together will be July 19th – the THIRD Saturday of the month for JULY ONLY due to a booking of The Quilters Store to use the room upstairs that we meet in on our usual 2nd Saturday of the month meetings. This gives you all an extra week to plan ahead and come and join us.  Ann will be back soon with tales of her Canada/Alaska trip which some of us have been lucky to enjoy via Facebook and hopefully Helen will have her exams behind her and have time to get the creative mojo happening again. New faces are always welcome, Violet will tell you that we don’t bite lol.

If you’d like to join us, come along upstairs at The Quilters Store in Salisbury 10am – 3pm.

Special mention and thanks to Julie for filling in for me for the next 2 months whilst I’m on annual leave.

Until then, Happy Stitching


Saturday, May 10, 2014

10th May 2014

A lovely few hours spent together today at our usual gathering place, upstairs at The Quilters Store Salisbury where this month we welcomed Violet who shared a little about herself whilst working on these lovely big hexies.


Margaret was on to a great idea with these bags, purchased from Woolworths supermarket for just $2 then covered in Suffolk puffs & hot glued into place. Don’t they look great!  I think each and every one of us was inspired to buy one or three of these bags and do our own decorating in the near future. Excellent gift idea.  Violet was quick to nip downstairs and purchase a couple of Clover puff makers after a quick demo from Margaret on how easy the discs are to use & the great results they give.IMG_0315

Apologies in advance for the new addiction Violet lol.  That’s the thing with us, sharing is caring and every get together someone always has something to inspire the rest of us Winking smile


IMG_0313Janet popped in for a quick visit & showed us the stash-busting placemats she’s been busy with. Love those little pegs to.

IMG_0319Gail isn’t sure what this stitchery will become yet but having begun the tradition of making a Christmas Stocking for each of her grand children, this may become part of Number 10’s stocking.

IMG_0317Julie was working on her hexi’s which I didn’t get a pic of sorry Julie, maybe because I was stunned by how many beautiful and unique cards she has been making. We don’t know where she finds the time but boy, they look great.

IMG_0318IMG_0321 I put the finishing touches on my A5 journal cover and brought along some quilling I’ve been playing with. I could have removed the scraps bits before taking the photo. Oops.

Ann was working on her stitchery from last month, telling us that she will be away next get together, travelling to Alaska, Canada & Hawaii. We will miss you – have a wonderful trip.  Also away for our June get together will be our worldly traveller Margaret, visiting Norfolk Island. There will be lots of travel stories to hear about in July!


Kayt was hand quilting this beauty to be given to a friend and had us in fits of laughter as we each introduced ourselves to Violet – you had to be there! So come along on June 14th. We’d love to see you then.

Happy stitching

Sharon Smile

Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 12, 2014 Get Together

Today was a hive of chatter in the upstairs sewing / meeting room at The Quilters Store.  It was wonderful to see Ann back with tales of her recent Quilting Cruise and news of their plans to visit Alaska & Hawaii mid year whilst she worked on her stitchery. Perhaps next time we’ll get to see the projects from the classes she took on the cruise….


Julie livened up the gathering, bringing along these cute Shelby ‘no sock’ Sock Monkeys, by Funky Friends Factory, made for her adorable grandchildren

IMG_0291IMG_0295and had been busy with Clover Flower Makers, adding these cute flowers to her collection of embellishments. Great idea adding the ladybug buttons don’t you think?

Kayt entertained us, filling us in on what’s been happening since her last visit and brought along this lovely quilt, made for her great niece.  It’s bound to be much loved.  Several of us in the group would have happily given it a new home!


Margaret is still sewing up a storm though I don’t know where she finds the time between her travelling adventures!  It’s always exciting to hear where she’s been and where she is off to next, because there are always interesting stories shared.  There are some baskets, a bag and a no-sew glasses case and no-sew passport holder (from a Studio Mio class at the recent Craft Show) she bought along as recent finishes:


Helen also attended a make and take class at the craft show and brought along her dying projectIMG_0289Whist working on this sweet miniature heart quiltIMG_0287Each square was so small and the heart even more tiny!

Speaking of hearts, each of us contributed some ‘healing hearts’ for a mutual dear friend  who’s son passed away tragically recently.  A beautiful assortment for a wonderful lady.IMG_0286

Jumping back to flowers, I’d been busy and covered some buttons as the centres whilst listening to all the chatter. They’ll make pretty brooches & hair accessories I think when finished off.


I brought along a Christmas book that I’ve made for our eldest daughter who is getting married and officially beginning her own family journey as such next month. It’s a tradition we have had in our family for many years, each of us filling in a page on Christmas morning and reading back through it of the events of previous years.

Their book is top right in the pic

IMG_0309 Lastly, my recently completed no-sew Studio Mio purse, not from the recent show like Margaret's, but a kit purchase from the show last year – just to prove you don’t have to be an over-achiever to join us at the get togethers!

You know what they say about “slow and steady” – she didn’t win the race, NOOO she forgot it was in her stash!!!


As cyclone Ita makes her way down the Qld coast, it was time for a little bird bath at my house this (now Sunday) morning before the winds pick up on the Bayside of Brisbane – this is Cheeky, my pet Galah of some 15 years or so enjoying the weather.


Happy Stitching, until next time