Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brisbane's March Get Together

Brisbane SEQ March GTG

Hi everyone,  a very brief run down on our GTG last Saturday.  Sorry it has taken a while to get up, but I had 'tidied' away the upload thingie for my camera!  There weren't quite as many of us as there were in  February, but we had fun and lots of laughs!  Who came? Robyn Oleinik, Julie Donovan, Sharon Wynne, Margaret (not the cook) Fulton, Chris Murphy, Jakki Orth (a friend of Chris' who was 'dragged' along at the last minute so was sewing-less!), Lynell Jendra and me, Shaaryn Griffiths.  In the photo above, roundabout cuppa tea time, are (l to r), Robyn Oleinik, Julie Donovan, Sharon Wynne, and Margaret (not the cook!) 

First up:  Robyn Oleinik was super busy last month...she completed one Grandmother's Garden hexagon block....and yes, it really is only slightly larger than a $1 coin!!
Then we have a photo of Chris making the table-runner.  

Next we have Lynell.  

Sorry for making you all twist your heads sideways...I couldn't find the tool for turning them the right way round.  Below Lynell's photo is one of the Bronwyn Hayes' blocks she is embroidering, complete with glasses...no, they're not embroidered!

Julie Donovan brought along her completed Breast of Friends quilt top...it's really lovely and I don't think my photo has done it justice.  Julie has put in some of her own blocks as well as the ones from the pattern.

Margaret, (not the cook), was busy sewing up thread caddies and mug bags...I loved the thread caddies, the outside padded bit is padded with wool batting for use as a pin-cushion.  You can use the inner 'bowl' as a thread catcher or for scissors and thread, ...or lollies (:-D)... might just attempt one myself ...one always needs a lolly holder when one is sewing...

Sharon and Margaret with Chris in the background sewing her runner, table runner that is, not the shoe kind...

Sharon made these lovely embroidered and pieced tablemats.

Sharon also designed and has almost completed this beautiful 'housewife'!  (Again, I'm sorry I wasn't able to rotate the photo.)  

And Sharon also made this lovely little evening bag.  I love the Japanese fabric...dragonflies are a favourite of mine.

Lynell also made a really pretty baby's quilt.  I bet it will be well loved.

Jackie Orth watching Margaret stitch. Sorry for the blurry image Jackie!

The almost completed table runner - Yay Chris! and below, Chris saying 'Go away and don't take that photo!'

See you all next month. Might think up something interesting for next month, to do or to bring...ideas appreciated.  Also, as it is Easter early in the month how about we make it the 3rd Saturday in April, not the 2nd Saturday?  Feedback also appreciated on this.