Sunday, October 14, 2012

Scquilters Get Together - 13 October 2012

The Brisbane Scquilters regular get together was held yesterday. A great majority of us were back from travels, so there was a lot of chatter about where we had all been, and a great deal of show and tell. 

Julie had made these handy little bags.

Sharon had made these cute little owls...

As well as these little purses.

Apologies but I can't remember who made these next two. I think it was either Sharon or Julie.

Margaret was making cup cake pin cushions.

As well as these extremely fancy lace coat hangers.

This was a runner made by Aldona.

Here's Julie admiring Aldona's finished quilt.

Anne and Robyn, admiring the show and tell.


Margaret, stitching away.

This was Julie's embroidered quilt.


She had also brought along this pretty pink and green one.
Shaaryn, was looking for border fabric for this incredible effort.
This is one of my quilt tops. There were a couple more, but unfortunately at that point my camera seized up.

Next months meeting will on the 10th November. As it is our last meeting of the year it will be a bit of a celebration. So bring a plate and a gift to the value of $10 for the gift swap. Since so many of us are trying to watch our waistlines at the moment I'm setting a plate theme of 'decadent but healthy'.  
Till next time.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

SCQuilters August GTG 2012


Helen Smart is of off travelling the UK and then Turkey and has left me in charge of the blog and it would seem not to be a success story right at this moment.

I’ve given up trying to post via Blogger, the upload time for the few photographs is appalling and I’ve been at it off and on for days, and I’m O- V- A it!

So let’s see how I can make it happen and not lose my sanity at the same time.

Our August meeting was a little light on for participants due to a number of factors including, travelling, illness or other commitments.  Still for those of us who turn up every month it was a rewarding effort.

P1050571 P1050569 Margret Fulton (not the cook) has been churning out mug rugs and this delightful sample was just the tip of the iceberg. She is also knee deep in covered coat hanger knitting, with these two samples being closely inspected as to how they will be stitched together having unusual pointed ends??

P1050570  P1050566 Ann and Robyn busily did a quality control service on Ann’s bag made using charm square sized pieces.  As you can see they deemed it most suitable for display and photographing!

P1050563 P1050565 Janet was hand piecing and showed off her completed blocks, they are quite stunning!

P1050564 Janet’s other show and tell contribution is this bag book by Lisa Lam, I for one drooled heavily over it, but managed to decline her very kind offer to ‘lend’ it to me…..I’m not sure I could be trusted to return it, so I decided to investigate acquiring my own copy!

P1050568  P1050567 Sharon was working on some really lovely Christmas themed stitcheries and her show and tell was her travel documents for her upcoming trip to Canada and Alaska.  I must point out she is taking her husband and not me on this occasion and I’m more than a little miffed!

P1050560  P1050561 Lynell’s pansy fabric work bag was just part of her show and tell, along with these stitcheries she was working on.


P1050559  P1050558  Robyn was another knitter at our GTG, it seems rife during meetings, in part because it’s possible to knit and talk and the same time and not mess up too badly with the finger!

P1050574 My own knitting show and tell were a few of the scarves I have been manically knitting, using this delightful yard called Pom Poms.  Just one ball and 4 stitches and I have a narrow scarf that keeps my neck warm here in the mild Queensland winters.  I’ve given several away, because we have run out of winter for me to wear them in!!

P1050573 P1050572 These work in progress show and tell items are my work.  The craze sweeping the Blogging and Pinterest world right now is the Granny Square Block. My blocks are 12” finished and I’ve used a ‘jelly roll’ style pre cut for the main fabrics and the back ground squares.  A really fun project.

The hexagon project is using 1/2 inch hexagons appliqued to a background fabric.  I’m still undecided what it will eventually become, but it’s coming together nicely and that’s the main thing!

So here I have the post finished, in double quick time with no swearing or cursing thanks to Widows Live Writer, now to attempt to publish it on the SCQ Blog and not my own???

Keep your fingers crossed and let me say hurry back HELEN!

Julie Donovan xxx

Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 2012

We had a lovely meeting yesterday, with lots of chatting and laughter. Things only got a little bit risque when the '50 shades of grey' novel got talked about.

There was, as usual, lots of splendid show and tell.

 This was my quilt, still in the process of being hand-quilted.

Janet was binding this stunning red and yellow quilt.

Julie had made these delightful flowers...

 well as this striking red and black quilt, which she was putting the binding on...

...and table runners.

Anne had this lovely scarf made from bobble wool.

Margaret has been making bags...

 ...and this quilt from a panel.

Margaret was also making these cute mug mats.

Sharon had made this lovely bag with an owl for her daughter.

Friday, June 8, 2012

June Meeting

Not a lot of show and tell this month as most people were off retreating, but a good time was had by the small bunch who were there.

Janet showed off this gorgeous spiky quilt, which she was in the process of machine quilting.

Aldona was working on these very pretty applique blocks.

Robyn was working on some lovely, little stitcheries to make into a pin cushion.

I was hand quilting this sampler quilt (see photo from last month so see it all spread out)

Until next time.


Monday, May 14, 2012

May 2012

Hi All,

Just a quick post of all the show and tell from this months meeting and then I am off to get some tea.

I had two quilt tops to show off.

Though this one still has to have a border added.

Julie had made loads of bags

As well as lots of beautiful things for her granddaughter

She was also replacing the binding on this hexagon quilt

Lillian had this gorgeous quilt with circles

Margaret was putting a binding on this pretty cot quilt

She also brought along these very cute critters she got at a craft fair.

Robyn's show and tell was this new book

As well as this stitchery quilt

And these photo books she had made from a recent trip to the US

Sharon had made these lovely fabric flowers

Until next time