Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 14th 2014

Lots of lovely hand stitching and quilting amongst the chatter today. It was lovely to see Robyn again who shared with us her trip to the Scquilters Tassie Retreat and pit stop to Victoria on the way home.  Robyn's wee tiny half inch hexi’s were just gorgeous. What will they become?


Julie had made lots of suffolk puffs and a gorgeous zippered multi pocket pouch to keep them in


IMG_2754IMG_2758and Julie’s pile of hexis was coming along very nicely to.

Violet was working on a larger set of hexis and for no reason other than being forgetful, I didn’t get a photo of them – I’m so sorry Violet.  I hope you found where to buy the Mango Powder we talked about for that delicious sounding Indian recipe!

IMG_2752Margaret brought along a healing heart quilt and matching cushion to be given to our mutual friend and recipient Cath.  Looks fabulous Margaret.

IMG_2764Margaret was also on a suffolk puff making mission, with the end result being embellished bags. Maybe some photo’s of those next blog.

IMG_2768 I’ve been playing with variegated cotton. All I can crochet is granny squares or booties LOL.

IMG_2763I also worked on some ideas for this appliqued long time UFO/WIP. Look familiar Ramona? Did you do anything with yours I’ve wondered…..

IMG_2766Kayt was hand quilting and it was a lovely cool day outside for the task with winter finally beginning to arrive in SE Qld. It’s coming along so nicely Kayt.

Our next get together will be July 19th – the THIRD Saturday of the month for JULY ONLY due to a booking of The Quilters Store to use the room upstairs that we meet in on our usual 2nd Saturday of the month meetings. This gives you all an extra week to plan ahead and come and join us.  Ann will be back soon with tales of her Canada/Alaska trip which some of us have been lucky to enjoy via Facebook and hopefully Helen will have her exams behind her and have time to get the creative mojo happening again. New faces are always welcome, Violet will tell you that we don’t bite lol.

If you’d like to join us, come along upstairs at The Quilters Store in Salisbury 10am – 3pm.

Special mention and thanks to Julie for filling in for me for the next 2 months whilst I’m on annual leave.

Until then, Happy Stitching