Saturday, September 14, 2013

14 Sept 2013

With a couple of our regulars overseas on holidays in different parts of the globe and others with events like Weddings and Birthday’s to attend, it was a small but still  productive day on the most perfect of Spring days.

Amongst the chatter we worked away on our WIPS and UFO’s even if we didn’t have much to share in the Show ‘n’ Tell Department.

14 Sept 2013Dianne made some more progress with her paper piecing project. Nice to meet you today Smile

14 Sept 2013 (3)Julie’s powering away joining her cute scrappy hexie’s

14 Sept 2013 (4)Into a soft creamy yellow outlined/boarder/framed pattern – that my darn camera hasn’t picked up the boarder colours of properly sorry – will try another camera setting next month…..agggh!

14 Sept 2013 (2)  I added to my crochet blanket. I brought along the mary-jane style booties I’ve been teaching myself to make. They are just small achievable projects & may just go into the cupboard ready for gift giving.

Also pictured are two recent finishes since last months’ Get Together – a craft roll complete with hand made flowers and handy zippered pouch that hangs from my bicycle &  holds my mobile phone whilst out on my daily rides.

14 Sept 2013 (1)This in the very neatly organised cupboard in the room we meet in where another group meets to make charity quilts. I couldn’t resist a photo.  Impressive don’t you think?

We look forward to the return of all the regular ladies and hearing about their adventures and events for our next Get Together on October 12th at the Quilters Store (upstairs) in Salisbury.

Bring along your show and tell girls Smile SmileSmile& come and join us if you live in SE QLD

Bye for now