Friday, June 8, 2012

June Meeting

Not a lot of show and tell this month as most people were off retreating, but a good time was had by the small bunch who were there.

Janet showed off this gorgeous spiky quilt, which she was in the process of machine quilting.

Aldona was working on these very pretty applique blocks.

Robyn was working on some lovely, little stitcheries to make into a pin cushion.

I was hand quilting this sampler quilt (see photo from last month so see it all spread out)

Until next time.



  1. Beautiful show & tell, looking foward to the July meeting for a catch up!

    1. Aren't they a creative bunch. I agree, roll on July!

  2. I wish I was there to tuck Aldona's lovely blocks under my arm and run away with them! They're beautiful.

  3. No, I got to see them first a few weeks ago! I want first dibs on them! Actually all of the quilts/wips look lovely this month. I will be back in Australia for the first two weeks in July but I don't think I will be at the meeting, as I have committed to a workshop that weekend! :-(( I need a clone.