Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 2013 Meeting


Hi All,

Another month, another meeting. Thanks to all who rose to the challenge and brought along their disastrous and not so disastrous show and tell. So strictly in alphabetical order…

Helen's bland

Disaster number one… too bland and badly quilted… by me.





Helen's Notebook

Disaster number 2… was so busy making the journal cover that I forgot to line the front bit up straight.




Helens quilt

Not a disaster. The quilt I was putting a binding on at the time.





Janets feathers

Also not disasters…Janet’s feathers…







Janets quilt

…and two quilt tops.





Janets waves








Janet's yellow ponce

This one, believe it or not was disaster 3. The problem… yellow pounce chalk that wouldn’t come out.




Julie's blocks

These were Julie’s quilt as you go blocks. Not a disaster, but much discussion was had about the various different ways of joining the blocks.






Julies Smocking

Disaster 4 was Julie’s smocking. Because it was created too close to the edge to attach to anything. Thankfully a disaster no more, as Maureen was able to demonstrate a way of fixing a border too it.



Julies Tiles

Two more non-disasters from Julie. Some mounted blocks and a wall hanging.





Julie's wall hanging








Kayts Cross stitch

Disaster 5 was Kayt’s cross stitch which ran out of room for the rest of the alphabet.





Kayts hand quilting

Followed by her brilliantly quilted and non-disastrous 3-6-9 quilt.





Kayts quilt (2)








Margaret F's table runner

Margaret F’s table runner.







Margaret's art

Two quilts by Margaret. This one from a workshop with Lisa Walton.






Margarets tibet

And…this one, made as a memento of a trip to Tibet.








Followed by Margaret’s Mum Maureen, who showed off her beautiful wall hanging made from quilt as you go hexagons.






Maureens wall hanging






Sonya's Crochet rug

Sonya showed off this beautiful crocheted rug she had bought at the Antiques and collectibles fair.





Sonyas embroidery

As well as this incredible embroidery she was working on.





Hope to see you all next time.



  1. Lovely show and tell - even the disasters. Just goes to show that sharing solves problems. One of these days I might be in Brisbane at the right time to catch up.

  2. Lovely work girls. Thanks for the photos Helen. Hope to be there next gtg.

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