Sunday, September 14, 2014

August 9 2014

A few of the ‘regulars’ had returned from holidays in various parts of the world with tales of our travels to share at this get together and it was lovely to catch up with good friends once again – I for one had missed you ladies :)

This blog post is a little late, with my old laptop dying of a terrible virus that the guru’s couldn’t even fix. So here I am in Windows 8.1 working at speeds that scare me LOL!

On to our August get together……drum roll please…..

9Aug2014 (1) Margaret can’t make these bags quick enough before someone wants to buy them. This is her latest collection, all already promised to new homes. Aren’t they gorgeous!

9Aug2014 (5) There’s always some of the latest magazines on offer to flick through for those of us needing inspiration

9Aug2014 (2) 9Aug2014 (4)

Kayt completed a couple of ‘healing heart’ blocks ready for posting and was making progress on hand quilting this lovely quilt for a friend

9Aug2014 (3) Julie was knitting a scarf – this wool was so soft and lovely

9Aug2014 Ann brought in this lovely quilt, a project from a quilting cruise mentioned in an earlier blog. Lovely work as usual from our Ann.

Me? What was I working on?  Ok, I was the under achiever, not a single stitch sewn, knitted or even unpicked today! I was very happy to read those mags on the table and be inspired & entertained by the other lovely ladies :)

Until Next Time – Happy Stitching


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