Saturday, February 8, 2014

2014–we’re back!

Today a lively group of us returned after our 3 month Christmas break (from get togethers) to sew up a storm,  meeting at The Quilters Store Salisbury, our usual venue (thank you Karen!) to begin our 2014 get togethers.  Special mention to Jan who came along today – so nice to meet you!

Remember these from the last blog post & November break up meeting?

09 Nov 2013 (8)Well today was D-day to return the “ugly” FQ eight of us swapped with each other, having made it into something (ahem, Shaaryn haha)to be gifted today.  Well what a variety of outcomes were achieved and I think I safely say that everyone was happy with what they got in our final product swap today.  I know I was absolutely delighted to get the beautiful bag duo Julie made & lined with oil cloth.  IMG_0222Ok, so one of us may not have completely grasped the concept to actually finish the project (a laughing point for most of the meeting, you’re  a good sport Shaaryn) – submitting a …….mini panel I think it’s called?  We laughed, because the thought was there and as you can see, Kayt could see potential in the gift she received much to our amusement.IMG_0220A possible future head piece? Maybe even a future fancy coaster? !

A few of the girls that came along today weren’t in the November swap & were nominated as the judges.  The ‘winner’ with the best use of the UGLY FQ ………………

IMG_0225Kayt (above right) who made an insulated lunch bag with magazine pocket on the back of it – a must for every quilter.  Margaret F was the lucky one to draw clever Kayt’s creation.  Congratulations Kayt!

UGLY FQ’s also becameIMG_0221a mug bag

IMG_0226a reversible tote bag / mug bagIMG_0224A sunnies case, chatelaine & lounge chair caddy

You’ll notice 2 projects missing?  Anne was away today, her creation goes to Helen on her return and Margaret F had a senior moment (it’s ok, I have them frequently to!) so when she does remember to bring it along, it will go to Anne.  So the swap will be completed in full with photo’s in March.  Stay tuned for the March post….

There was some show and tell today to.  Julie had some holiday time at home (only a couple of days can you believe it?!) around Christmas time and produced these beauties

IMG_0237Front IMG_0238Back

IMG_0239& Quilt number 2

IMG_0231Jan brought along this STUNNING hand pieced and quilted quilt – is it a WOW quilt or what!

IMG_0230….and this pretty piece with machine quilting examples. What a neat idea, thanks Jan.

IMG_0240This bright happy bag is by Kayt, one of many she made as giftsIMG_0233and this one from 4 inch squares a special request that Margaret made.  Cute tied sides.

IMG_0232Marg also perfected this pattern to be able to sew it all by machine, adapting it from a hand sewn project.

IMG_0235Helen made this lovely bag with buttoned pockets

and this for her Dad as a laptop bagIMG_0234

IMG_0236and Shaaryn had this lovely 9 patch under construction (yes, we noticed a ‘theme’ happening here to Winking smilelol)

IMG_0229Here’s Jan & Margaret L sorting through Kayt’s prize box of choccies and here’s all of us stitching and chatting…

IMG_0227So come along in March, the second Saturday upstairs at the Quilters Store in Salisbury Brisbane between 10am & 3pm and we’ll welcome you then Smile

Happy stitching



  1. What a great wrap up of our first GTG for2014. As you can see a great time was had by all.
    The burning question is.... will Shaaryn ever hear the end of her ugly fat quarter project? Stay tuned!

  2. Love all the projects. What a fun start to the New Year!
    Poor Shaaryn, but there's always one! - Its usually me that gets the wrong end of the stick! Good to see other people do the same. Lol!

  3. Just found this page. I really enjoyed my first meeting and will be back for the next one but I just have to try and remember their names :)! . What a laugh the girls had over their ugly fabric swaps.