Thursday, July 16, 2015

11th July 2015


It was great to see Ann back with us after her world travels and great to hear about her visit & classes at the Paducah, Kentucky Quilt Show.  Welcome Sonia to our get together also, it’s always very nice to meet new people.

I should have taken a photo of Kayt’s bruised arm, it was one of the biggest bruises I had seen as the result of a car accident. We were all very pleased Kayt is ok & could join us.

Several of the girls had been on a 7 night retreat so there was lots of chatter about that too.

The food was once again delicious, the nutella donuts were a hit with a couple of the girls for dessert (while others of us put on kilos just looking at them) & with a new menu release mid month, we all look forward to what is on offer in August to tempt us :)  There are no food photo’s this month though you might spot an empty plate or two !

Now for some show and tell….

11 July 2015 (2) 11 July 2015 (4)

Julie’s new purse AND bag

11 July 2015 (5) 11 July 2015 (6)

These are also Julie creations, a teeny tiny hexi purse and gorgeous mug rugs

 11 July 2015 (7) and the lovely lace and embroidery on this quartet of doilies also belongs to Julie

11 July 2015 (11) 11 July 2015 (12)

Helen showed off this cute little turtle pin cushion & the bag made by and given to her by Shirley which Helen already has in use.  Helen – that’s you smiling & with your eyes open!! A great photo of you :)

11 July 2015 (10) This is one of the quilts Helen whipped up at retreat 11 July 2015 (8)  as well as the now covered tin bin from retreat.

11 July 2015 (16) 11 July 2015 (18) Ann brought along a couple of her quilt tops from  classes attended in Paducah

11 July 2015 (20) This little sweet purse also belongs to Ann

11 July 2015 (19) Debbie showed us her hexi project bag & was working on binding another project bag that was so very neatly made giving it a very professional look

11 July 2015 (24) 11 July 2015 (25)

11 July 2015 (21) 11 July 2015 (22)

And this little thread holder gave us all ideas on what to do with suffolk puffs to make neat little gifts etc.

11 July 2015 (23) Here we are sewing, talking and having a wonderful time together.  Will you be joining us in August? 

11 July 2015 (26) There was even some free entertainment!!! One never quite knows what the day will bring when we all get together!

Until the 2nd Saturday in August, bye for now


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